Mountain Lake Center was the brainchild of Dave Ferruolo, MSW, LICSW.  The concept came from the growing need to deliver expert and effective equine programming, consultation, and education that was accessible and mobile.  There are a lot of people that can benefit from equine assisted coaching and counseling; there are a lot of farms and horses scattered in every state of the country; but, there are not that many expert, experienced, and knowledgeable practitioners able to create, implement, and deliver pinnacle programming.  Dave’s thought was to bring together some of the best people in the equine assisted coaching and counseling world and create an A-Team that can both deliver programs at host facilities and help those facilities develop and grow their own programs.


Dave Ferruolo has been researching and implementing equine assisted coaching and counseling since 2012; he has  been an adventure group facilitator since 1991 and a motivational speaker and life coach since 2004. Findings from Dave’s research studies have been published in Combat Stress and currently in print in the Journal of Social Work. Dave is a military special operations veteran and holds a masters degree in social work from the University of New Hampshire, and a bachelors degree in psychology from Southern New Hampshire University. Dave is a licensed independent clinical social worker, practicing full-time as a psychotherapist; he is also a published self-help author of Elements of Life Success and Connecting with the Bliss of Life, and an adjunct professor of psychology. Dave has been riding, training and working with horses for nearly 20 years. Currently, he is pursuing a doctorate degree at Plymouth State University where he continues to research effective ways to use horses for coaching and counseling.